Why Hashtags Are Not Necessary on Twitter
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Why Hashtags Are Not Necessary on Twitter

If you are trying to make money online with content, then the number of visitors you can attract to your content is vital. For the most part, the more visitors you can attract to your content, whether it be on your own website, blog or a paying third-party site, the more money you will make. In order to attract more visitors many people use Twitter, and when using Twitter they use hashtags in their Tweets.

Hashtags are simply key words with the # symbol in front of it. When people Tweet something on Twitter, they will often Tweet their message, along with a URL they would like to attract visitors to, and then they will add hashtags at the end.

For example, if your Tweet is about weddings, you might add the hashtag #weddings to your Tweet. If you Tweet is about the Olympics, you can create the hashtag, #Olympics. Any key word that helps describe your content can become a hashtag by adding the # symbol in front of it.

Hashtags are Used to Try and Generate Traffic Expecially on Twitter

People use hashtags because a hashtag will get picked up by Twitter's search function, as well as other search engines. So if you use hashtags in your Tweets, your hoping the Twitter search engine will pick up the hashtag and if anyone types that word into the Twitter search engine, your Tweet might appear. Hashtags are another way to attract visitors to your content.

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Here is a prime example of why hashtags are not needed to attract visitors on Twitter. A few days ago the website UberFacts tweeted a piece of content I created back in 2009. The content tweeted by UberFacts had attracted roughly 20,000 unique daily visitors before the Tweet. On the day UberFacts tweeted my content, the piece got over 15,000 unique daily views.

 Prime Example of Why Hashtags are Not a Necessity on Twitter to Generate Internet Traffic

The Tweet from UberFacts has been re-tweeted over 2,500 times, and is still getting visitors to my content, but not at the rate of 15,000 unique views a day. In the Tweet, UberFacts did not use one hashtag. Despite not using a hashtag, the Tweet from UberFacts has helped to generate close to 20,000 additional unique visitors to my content.

So one can generate a lot of traffic on Twitter without using hashtags. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use hashtags, but anyone who tells you that you have to use hashtags to get traffic on Twitter is incorrect. 

I've personally experimented with using hashtags on Twitter and have not found the number of visitors I generate through Twitter to be increased very much in any way through the use of hashtags. In some instances, I believe the use of hashtags annoys Twitter users, and they will not view any content with a hashtag included in the Tweet.

Joe Dorish has been blogging and creating content on the Internet and using Twitter since 2007. 

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Comments (7)

I would suggest people with fewer than 100 followers use Hashtags as a way to get followers, but those with over 1000 followers certainly do not need to use them as often.

Middle range people might want to do a bit of both.  Great info Joe.

Good info

Thanks for sharing this!

thanks fo the information

I honestly think that the role of the hashtag is to tell what the topic of the tweet is.

Valuable post! Thanks for the information

More good Twitter and hashtag tips, thanks.