What Are the 8 Ps of Marketing?
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What Are the 8 Ps of Marketing?

The 8 P's of marketing ive a great checklist or starting point for any strategic marketing plan, and can ensure your customers view your product and their buying experience in the best possible light.

The 8 “P”s of marketing grew from an original 4 “P”s. This list is as defined by Lovelock, C. and Wirtz, J. in Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy. They give a great checklist or starting point for any strategic marketing plan, to ensure your customers view your product and their buying experience in the best possible light.

The 8 Ps of Marketing 

The 8 Ps of Marketing are:

  • Product
  • Place and Time
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Process
  • Physical Environment
  • People
  • Productivity and Quality

While areas of the above overlap, each is an area that can be used in marketing to provide unique selling points and to add value to your offering.

The Product and its Elements

What is the product, what comes packaged with it, what need does it fulfil? Obviously, this is the central point of your marketing, but are you marketing a single product or your whole company’s range of stock or services. This needs to be pinned down first before any further planning can be decided upon.

Place and Time

How long will it take to get a item, or complete a job. Where are you based, and how is the item to be delivered. Speed is of the essence in the modern world, but people will wait for quality bespoke items, if they know why they are waiting and that it’s worth waiting for.

Price and Other User Outlays

Never assume that a low price will mean higher profits. If you are selling quality then the price should and will be higher than “bargain basement deals”, and too lower price and effect the overall view of your company. Think about any add-ons and extras that could be included in your deals.

Promotion and Education

This very much ties in with the first P, what need is there for your product, how can you educate your customer to understand its worth, and why they should buy the product at all, and why from you.


The buying experience is becoming more and more important as the public learns to expect better service. A poor process will lead to a poor user experience, and some very negative exposure. Letting people know that you have strong secure customer orientated processes in place is key, buy only when it’s backed up by the reality of their experience.

Physical Environment

Are your offices or shop present looking appropriately smart and well kept? This should be extended to include any web presence. Clean, organised, pleasant surroundings will have a really good impact on your customers’ view of your service.


Your front-line staff also strongly impact on the perceptions and experiences of your customers.

Productivity and Quality

In what way is your offering a good deal for the customer? This is less about you as a business improving your own productivity for cost management, and more about how your company passes this onto its customers. Remember that this always needs to be tied with quality; you supply the best, and use the best products, procured fairly at the lowest cost.


Lovelock, C. and Wirtz, J. 2007. Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy. 6th Edition.

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Comments (7)

Nice information about business strategies.

Great info. Think Product and Quality is most important.

Page love -- have a great weekend! : )

christian bart-williams

the 8ps of marketing is of high important in the urban market. my comment is, what impact has it create in the rural area.

Hi Christian, I think all businesses, rural or urban, benifit from good marketing. Businesses rely on providing products and services that are high quality and presented as such. Rural industries have a different set of issues - deliveries, staffing, but that doesn't negate the need for a marketing stratergy.

great info.............about marketing and advertising.......

OSP provides tutorials,books, online tutor.........


I know you didn't create the 8 Ps, but it's redundant and incorrect in some areas. "Place" and "Time" are different. How does seasonality relate to selling in a brick and mortar store vs. online? "Place" refers to your distribution channels. "Promotion" refers to marcom (advertising, PR, direct mail, social media, etc.) "Process" falls under place - just a new add-on to the 4 Ps by some wannabe looking for publicity by "updating" the 4 Ps. "Physical Environment"? Can you say, "Place"? Seriously. "People" are part of "Promotion." "Productivity and Quality" fall under "Product." Again, I understand you're not responsible for this sad farce, but you might want to balance your article by objectively looking at the 8 Ps and pointing out its shortcomings, rather than assuming real marketing pros take this seriously. Why not update the article to point out the flaws with "The 8 Ps"? Thanks.