Social Marketing Methods
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Social Marketing Methods

These are the social marketing methods used by the top professionals in the business.

Advanced Social Marketing Methods

When I say social marketing, I mean of course marketing on social networking sites like Facebook, Stumble Upon, and especially Twitter.

I will start with Twitter, because I believe it has the most potential to get page views quickly, if starting from scratch. The idea is to get as many followers as you can, and tweet your links to them, and in return, they can tweet links back to you.

You can effectively buy Twitter followers, or rent them from somebody else if you want to get things done quickly, but it's also quite easy to build up an impressive followers list by doing it yourself, and in this article, I will explain how to get a hundred thousand Twitter followers or more within a year for free, if you put in the work.

Getting and Keeping Twitter Followers

The place to start is setting up multiple Twitter accounts with different email addresses. You will need more than one account if you want to get Twitter followers quickly, and have your links stand out to those who are following you more than once.

I'd say ten would be a good idea to start with, although you could have more or less, depending on how much time you have.

You can give the account a name like Lady Gaga, which many people do simply because she has a lot of followers, or you can try to compete for a bunch of smaller keywords in a Twitter search that you have a better chance of getting found for.

For example, you can list lots of words in your bio like blogger, website builder, marketing genius, to attract the type of people who would follow you, and continue to follow you if you followed back.

The Twitter search is not the best way to get followers however, you should use a site like Twiends. There, you can follow people on Twitter to get "seeds" which are good for Twitter followers in return.

You can also like Facebook pages to get seeds, and that is the best way. You will have to set up multiple Facebook accounts, and verify them with a different mobile phone number. Just buy a few cheap sim cards, and put it in your phone for a minute.

By liking hundreds or even thousands of Facebook pages a day on different accounts, and following those Twitter followers who are offering more than one seed, you can get thousands of Twitter followers a day.

Now, you have to manage them, because if you follow more than the followers you get, or if they unfollow you, you will reach a limit when you are following 2000.

The best site to see who is following you is Tweepi, and I recommend following back all the people who follow you, and unfollow those who aren't, after giving them a day or two to follow back.

You can't follow and unfollow more than a hundred or so in a day, or you may be suspended for aggressive following and churning, which is why you need the multiple accounts.

To manage tweeting to multiple accounts at the same time from the one tweet, try Splitweet, and to schedule tweets, you may have to buy a software like Tweet Attacks or Tweet Adder.

It will take you years to get a million followers, but it is very possible, and this is probably the most popular social media marketing method. If you want to pay someone to do all this for you, try these affordable social media marketing services.

Social Marketing to Facebook Friends

I post links to my articles in my Facebook news feed, but there are much tighter restrictions on the amount of friend requests you can make in a day, (about ten), and a limit of 5,000 friends altogether, but if you want those 5,000 quickly, try putting a link to your Facebook profile page or your Facebook page on your Twitter account, or send it in a direct message to the people that follow you.

Again, you can have multiple Facebook accounts, or Facebook pages, and you can build them up with friends or Facebook page likes fairly quickly by sending out direct messages to your Twitter followers, but I wouldn't bother trying too hard.

Facebook is more of a social place than a marketing place in my opinion, and I haven't really heard of any great social media marketing methods for Facebook, except spamming pages and groups, which will likely get you banned, although you can get a Facebook page to compete on Google if you do some good back linking and cross linking within Facebook.

Social Marketing on Stumble Upon

The key to getting views on Stumble Upon, (and some pages get hundreds of thousands of views), is making content with a widespread appeal that people will vote up because they laugh, or are amazed. It has to be interesting, and you have to have followers who vote up your pages to start with so they can enter the random surf.

Anyway, I talk about that in another article called how do you use the Stumble Upon toolbar? You should check that one out to learn more social marketing methods.

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