Marketing Guest Post Submission
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Marketing Guest Post Submission

This article explains how to find guest posting opportunities related to your site, and how to ensure that your posts stand the best chance of getting published. Site owners are very strict these days with what they will allow to be published on their site, and for good reason too, as Google is not very forgiving.

If you have a website that you are trying to rank, one of the best ways to get a back link is to do a guest post on a quality, relevant site to your own. 

It's not hard to find these opportunities, you can start by doing a Google search on the keyword you aim to rank for, and contact each of the site owners one by one, asking if there is any possibility for you to write a guest post. 

If that doesn't work, (and it may not), you should try searching for your keyword along with guest post or submit guest post or guest posting guidelines. Try it with and without quotation marks, with a plus symbol so that you get all the results that have the exact phrase "online marketing" and "guest post". 

That's a pretty specific search, and you don't want to be too specific, because your aim is to gradually work your way down from the top of the search, the highest authority sites related to yours, and hope that at least some of them will publish your post.

It is possible to join a site like My Blog Guest, but from what I've heard there is a lot of low quality stuff on there. I'm not sure if it's better to accept posts on your site or to try to seek out places to publish your guest posts. 

I find that it does help the rankings a little bit to continually publish fresh content on a site, and it does bring in traffic for new and different keyword phrases. 

Still, there's something a little bit wrong with allowing somebody else to write the content for your site, and if you're looking for rankings, you probably want to be on the other end of that, doing the writing yourself, on someone else's site. 

I've found it a little bit too tedious to do that much guest posting myself, I'm waiting on two at the moment, but it's taking forever to hear back from them, and I can't go and offer the same post to someone else while I'm waiting, it has to be unique and specially written for them, until they reject it, and then it can be submitted somewhere else.


Guest Posting Opportunity For Marketers

If you're interested in submitting a guest post and you have a site related to internet marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, SEO, blogging, making money online, video marketing, and all aspects of running a business online, then I have more than one site that might suit you. 

My sites are primarily about social media marketing, but I also write about everything to do with internet marketing, and about the things I do every day to try to make money online. 

It doesn't matter too much if your site is about back links or email marketing but I can't link out to a site that sells something completely irrelevant like jewelry, even if the post is about marketing. 

Many site owners are getting punished by Google for linking out to sites that have no real authority. If you link out to a site, Google wants that to be because you are giving a source or sources to back up your statements. A reference for further reading and proof. 

If you only link out to sites that are not yet recognized as a reliable source of information, especially when it's random irrelevant sites, then the whole site will start to lose it's authority. 

That's why I make a point of making sure that each guest post I publish has links to authority sources such as Wikipedia and other well known and trusted sites that I find at the top of a big Google search. 

By doing this, I escape most of the possible harm that I could suffer from linking out to lower authority sites. Again, you can get in contact with me at if you want to discuss doing some guest posts related to general internet marketing on one or more of my authority sites and blogs. 

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