How to Get a Lot of Website Traffic From Twitter
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How to Get a Lot of Website Traffic From Twitter

Here are three ways you can get a lot of traffic to your website, online articles and Internet content using Twitter. At this time, Twitter is the eighth most visited website in the world. Anyone using Twitter who can tap into just a fraction of the daily visitors on Twitter can get a ton of traffic to their online content.

These are three ways you can get a lot of Twitter traffic to your website, blog, articles or other online content. Twitter is a great resource for anyone using the Internet, and can generate tremendous traffic and awareness for anyone using the Internet. Twitter is the eighth most popular website on the Internet today.

How to Get a Lot of Website Traffic From Twitter

1. Trending Topic

If you write an article or a blog post about a topic that is trending on Twitter many people will be searching for the topic, and your content will likely benefit from those searches. It pays to keep an eye on what is trending on Twitter. You could have an older article or blog post about a subject that is trending on Twitter and if you Tweet it while trending you are likely to get traffic to your article or blog as people search for the topic using Twitter search.

2. Get Tweeted by a Twitter Millionaire

A couple weeks ago a three year old article of mine was Tweeted on Twitter by a website called UberFacts. Uberfacts has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter. The Tweet by UberFacts generated 16,000 unique views to my article in 24 hours, and over 21,000 unique views since the original Tweet by UberFacts.

You can get a lot of website traffic from Twitter if a big Twitter user Tweets about your content on the Internet. In my case, I did nothing directly to get a big Twitter user with over a million followers to Tweet my article. Indirectly, I created content on the Internet that a big Twitter user found interesting and relevant enough to Tweet about.

If you write about a big celebrity or anyone with a lot of Twitter followers, like Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian, you can try to make them aware of your article by placing the @ symbol in front of their Twitter name. For example, if you want to try and get Kim Kardashian aware of something about her, you would put @KimKardashian in your Tweet. 

The odds are long that she would re-tweet your article, but she has almost 15 million Twitter followers and one Tweet from her would explode your traffic. In addition to being a beautiful woman, Kim Kardashian is as powerful a Twitter user as there is today. Just one Tweet from the raven haired beauty @KimKardashian can put anyone's content on the map. Think like this, how many views would this article get if Kim Kardashian Tweeted about it?

Image Source by Eva Rinaldi

3. Get Lucky and Have Someone from Twitter Find Your Content and Link to It

Many people who have blogs or their own websites scour the Internet for content they find relevant and interesting. When they find such content they will often link their blog or website to the content in order to increase their own traffic. 

Each time you Tweet your content you are creating a link that a blogger or website owner might find interesting and link to. Such a link is great for traffic. Not only can you get traffic directly from the link, the link will also raise your content in the Google search engine. In general, the more links to your content the more relevant the Google bots will think your content is and the higher your content will rank in Google's search engine.

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Excellent Twitter tips to increase traffic, thanks a million! ; )

Very interesting articles.  I enjoyed it very much.

Thanks Joe, I'm finding that No 3 is proving surprisingly useful for me at the moment

I never knew article writing would be so much work!!! Good tips for Twitter though, people need to be careful not to spam, or they will lose followers.  I am @exotics12

Thanks I am trying to get more followers as it is low by my estimate

Great tweeter tips, thanks Joe.

Great tips!  Thanks!

Excellent tips Joe! Thanks for sharing..

Twiends and Social Clerks works for me... great post!