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Difference between tangible assets and Intangible assets Meaning of 'Tangible Asset' 'Tangible Asset' represents those assets which have a physical structure. Tangible assets consist of both current assets, like inventory and fixed assets like plants and machinery, land and buildings. Intangible asset is just the opposite of tangible asset. Virtual assets like patents, copyrights, trademarks, goodwill as well as brand acknowledgment, are all illustrations of intangible assets.
Published by Gazu Lakhotia 83 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +2 votes | 0 comments
The article provides a comparison between two companies dealing in the logo industry: The Logo Company vs 99 Designs. It provides the advantages and disadvantages of the companies and gives a recommendation to businesses seeking logo services.
Published by Braden Galea 83 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +1 votes | 0 comments
Businesses are always on the look-out for the newest, hottest trend on the web, so they can jump on board. Pinterest is currently one of those fast-growing trends. However, business looking to use Pinterest as a leveraging and marketing tool need to know a few things before testing the water by clicking "Pin It.."
Published by Laure Justice 83 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +8 votes | 0 comments
What was previously a vague connection between employee engagement and customer satisfaction has become a complex metric that results in improved profitability for businesses. But how do we get to that stage? This Factoid looks at how businesses are measuring employee engagement, the impact on customer satisfaction and the resulting gains in productivity and profitability.
Published by Gareth Cartman 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +1 votes | 0 comments
At one time Rosie O'Donnell had her own TV show that generated some 5 million viewers. In 2011, Oprah Winfrey hired Rosie O'Donnell to do a nightly show for her OWN TV network, hoping Rosie could give the struggling OWN some ratings. The ratings never materlialized, and OWN pulled the plug on the Rosie Show on St. Patrick's Day.
Published by Joe Dorish 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +3 votes | 2 comments
Effective marketing strategy enables a business to create a wide range of market awareness that can eventually lead to an increase in number of customers, increase in sales and increase in profits. Identifying and knowing who the competitors are can also help a business on how to position itself in the market to make its products and services stand out from the rest.
Published by Marky Chavez 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +1 votes | 0 comments
The successful creation of marketing strategies and objectives by a small business marketing consultant will help small companies to achieve their goals. Read more to find the scope of consultants in creating successful marketing system strategies and business plans. The recommendations from small business marketing consultant will help for the growth of small businesses.
Published by ZAINUL ABIDEEN T.H 244 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +0 votes | 0 comments
Seton has been doing business for over 60 years, selling regulatory health and safety signs, labels and identification products online and direct mail catalogs to businesses around the world. Today, is one of the world’s first tier manufacturers of health regulated signage, safety solutions and preventative equipment for facilities of all sizes. Doing business in over 18 countries, Seton has collected over half a million customers, who are required by regulatory agencies to post...
Published by Iris McCammon 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +11 votes | 4 comments
If you haven't tried Google Plus yet, it's the fastest growing site in the world, and is a bit like a combination of Facebook and Twitter, and I have to say it works quite well. You can get thousands of followers quickly and easily on Google Plus, if you follow these instructions.
Published by Rowan Casey 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +15 votes | 8 comments
I have done a fair amount of research into this, and with the latest changes on Facebook, it's my opinion that Twitter is better for marketing and getting customers to a business cheaply. The reasons are fairly clear, but I will explain them all in this article. It seems the main reason is that Facebook are trying to push businesses towards Facebook Ads.
Published by Rowan Casey 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +7 votes | 2 comments
Businesses are having a better time managing their promotional expenses with companies that place their branding and promotional needs at the forefront of their practices. Companies like Promo Direct have been creating opportunities that streamline both creative concepts and the cost associated with them in favorable packaging options since 1991. Customizing hand sanitizers, pens, pads drinking canteens, apparel and much more are their specialty. They offer everything want could need to attract ...
Published by Tammi Haynes 84 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +2 votes | 0 comments
crowdSPRING is a small company in Chicago, making really big impacts for entrepreneurs and businesses needing creative design assistance. They offer an abundance of services like custom company logo's, packaging support, book cover designs, web-sites and more. Getting the professional and creative guidance one requires is really easy to do with crowdSPRING. First, tell them what you need. Second, explore the many entries from professionals who want to take on your project. Entries will come to y...
Published by Tammi Haynes 85 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +2 votes | 1 comments
So wh?t i? social media marketing? Marketing w?th th? h?lp ?f d?ffer?nt forms ?f social media i? called social marketing. When defining social media marketing, it i? ? type ?f Internet marketing th?t i? designed t? gain brand image ?nd successful goals ?f marketing communication w?th th? h?lp ?f th? social media. Simply put, it i? t? advertise ?nd create market space ?nd image w?th th? h?lp ?f social networking sites ?nd oth?r spaces ?n th? Internet. Blogs, news, Twitter, ?nd ev?n Facebook ?nd M...
Published by Eric Benson 85 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +4 votes | 0 comments
Perhaps the question shouldn't be: can you make money on Facebook? It should be: how do you make money on Facebook?
Published by Rowan Casey 85 months ago in Marketing and Branding | +3 votes | 3 comments
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