12 Facts About Coca Cola
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12 Facts About Coca Cola

The refrigerant commonly known in the world had already changed its formula. Did it worked?

This week, Coca-Cola has been named the best selling brand in the UK. Therefore, we chose some curiosities about the most popular soft drink in the world. Discover some facts about the soda!

1. Coca-Cola was introduced in Atlanta in the United States in 1886. A glass of soda was sold in "Jacobs Pharmacy" for $ 0.05.

2. In its first year, the creator of the drink, John Pemberton, has sold an average of nine cups per day. The company now sells 1.4 billion daily.

3. John Pemberton died in 1888 and has not seen the success of the drink he had created.

4. Businessman Asa Griggs Candler bought the rights of the company between 1888 and 1891 for US$ 2300. In 1985, the drink had national demand and Candler had factories in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

5. Cyclists were the first athletes to endorse Coca-Cola. The first ad with one of them, Bobby Walthour sportsman, was made ??in 1909 and can still be seen at company headquarters in Atlanta.

6. The first Coca-Cola factory in Asia was inaugurated in 1912 in the Philippines. The Europe came later, in 1919 in France.

7. Fearing copy beverage competitors, the company focused its advertising on the authenticity of the Coca-Cola and in 1916 created a bottle in a format that distinguishes it from other beverages. The contour of the bottle resembled the shape of the signature of the coolant. Even in the dark, the original drink could be identified.

8. In 1923 Coca-Cola has innovated with the pack of six bottles of soda, something new for the season.

9. The character "Sprite Boy" appeared in 1942, decades before Sprite, with the goal of telling people that it was okay to refer to soda as "Coke", something the company had previously resisted.

10. It took 70 years since its creation to the Coca-Cola to take on new flavors, new brands to embrace. The Fanta was launched in 1950 and the Sprite in 1961. In 1960, Coca-Cola acquired the Minute Maid Company, incorporating a new line to your business: the juices. The company today has a portfolio of 500 brands and 3,300 drinks.

11. The Diet Coke was introduced in the 1980s.

12. Few people know that soda has had his formula changed. In 1985, a year of its centennial, the "New Coke"was considered the worst mistake in marketing history. Amid protests from consumers of soda with the launch of new revenue, Coca Cola backed down and brought back the original flavor.

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Comments (4)

Nice article. Thanks for voting my article. :)

Interesting facts.

Very nice piece of work.

I love coca-cola even though I rarely drink any soft drink. Great historical facts about Coca-Cola, but I must admit I half expected that you were going to tell us things like the old tale about Coca-Cola, when poured on a car battery, will clean up all the acid build-up. (I always wondered if that was really true!) However, I'm happy to have this "true" historical account of a truly great soft drink that has lasted the test of time. Voting for this one and buzzing it up as well.